[Mono-dev] Mono Support question

E Robertson e.robertson.svg at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 12:50:03 EST 2008

I'm new to Mono and actually never heard of it until two weeks ago when I was 
asked to look into it. I manage to get an existing .NET application 
(developed under VS2005) build and ran on my debian box. Their were a few 
issue but related to filenames (case sensitivity and/or path processing), but 
I got it to run despite never using the software (Mono or .NET).

What I don't know is to what extent .NET differs from Mono. Is their a 
comparison chart of what's supported in Mono when comared to .NET?
Is their any documentation indicating the difference between the?

How do I determine what are the basic tools I need to run a build application?
ldd does not work on the executables so how so I know which libraries are 
absolutely required? Does ldd on mono tell the whole story?

Thank you.
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