[Mono-dev] Mono Support question

Onur Gumus emperon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 13:21:36 EST 2008

Informally I can tell. C# 3.0 is mostly there except linq to sql.
Winforms 1.1 is complete. Winforms 2.0 support is improving day by
ASP.NET 2.0 is there except web parts. Asp.net Ajax is there including
the control toolkit is being able to run. Core libraries are there.
WCF and WF is partially there WPF is absent.

For development on linux you can use monodevelop. However it does not
support C# 3.0 even if it can compile it at the moment.


2008/3/7 E Robertson <e.robertson.svg at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
>  I'm new to Mono and actually never heard of it until two weeks ago when I was
>  asked to look into it. I manage to get an existing .NET application
>  (developed under VS2005) build and ran on my debian box. Their were a few
>  issue but related to filenames (case sensitivity and/or path processing), but
>  I got it to run despite never using the software (Mono or .NET).
>  What I don't know is to what extent .NET differs from Mono. Is their a
>  comparison chart of what's supported in Mono when comared to .NET?
>  Is their any documentation indicating the difference between the?
>  How do I determine what are the basic tools I need to run a build application?
>  ldd does not work on the executables so how so I know which libraries are
>  absolutely required? Does ldd on mono tell the whole story?
>  Thank you.
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