[Mono-dev] 64 bit ODBC problem?

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Sat Mar 15 08:49:19 EDT 2008

fredag 14 Marts 2008 skrev Robert Jordan:
> Robert Jordan wrote:
> >> However, I still have problems - seems mono is 32 bit "in its heart", 
when it 
> >> comes to odbc? At least all the dllimports are marked as "odbc32"?
> > 
> > On Unix, "odbc32.dll" is mapped to "libodbc.so".
> Sorry, I hit "send" too early.
> "odbc32" doesn't mean the ODBC support isn't 64-safe. Given that mono
> was not ported to Win64, odbc32.dll is the only lib that can be 
> p/invoked on Windows. To remain (unit test) compatible with MS.NET,
> the library name must be "odbc32".

Hmm. So, if I keep getting "weird results" out of my connection to sybase 64 
bit (ASA!) then I should not look at the dllimports and the mono stack?



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