[Mono-dev] Various Master Page Related Problems

Pablo pbaena at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 10:19:32 EDT 2007

You don't use UniqueID to refer to the client ID of the control, you use 

For the other problem you should show us some code.

Kevin Monceaux wrote:
> Mono Developers,
> I've tried posting a few messages to the Mono users list about the 
> problems and have received absolutely no replies.  So, I thought maybe I 
> should try here.  I'm working on converting a PHP based web site to 
> Mono/ASP.NET.  I've come across several quirks which all appear to related 
> to Master Page related problems.
> The first problem I came across was trying to set the focus to the 
> username field on my login form.  Since I'm using master pages, I added:
>     Page.Form.DefaultFocus = UserName.UniqueID
> to the page's Page_Load function.  I'm not using a login control, just a 
> plain form.  Anyway, it worked on IE but not on Firefox.  Viewing the page 
> source the UserName field is being rendered as:
> <input id="ctl00_MainContent_UserName" type="text"
>         name="ctl00$MainContent$UserName" />
> And, the function to set the field focus as:
> WebForm_AutoFocus('ctl00$MainContent$UserName');
> It's passing the input field's name to the AutoFocus function.  If I 
> adjust the technique I used to set the default focus to:
>      Page.Form.DefaultFocus = UserName.UniqueID.Replace("$", "_");
> so that it passes the input field's id instead of it's name to the 
> AutoFocus function it works on both IE and Firefox.  I'm using that 
> workaround for now.
> I had the same problem with a CreateUser control.  Using just:
> Page.Form.DefaultFocus =
> CreateUserWizard1.ActiveStep.Controls[0].FindControl("UserName").UniqueID;
> worked on IE, but not on Firefox.  Adding a .Replace("$", "_") to it got 
> it working on both IE and Firefox.
> The next problem I ran into was with a menu control.  It worked as 
> expected on IE.  I have the menu control set up so that the background 
> should be white.  When I view it on Firefox the menu's background is being 
> rendered as black instead of white.  Looking at the css the menu control 
> is adding to the page it looks like this might be another name/id problem.
> Next, I'm having a problem with some DropDownList controls.  I have the 
> AutoPostBack and OnSelectedIndexChanged parameters set appropriately. 
> When I tested it yesterday on IE it worked.  On Firefox, I had to hit 
> enter after making a selection to get it to process the selection. 
> Today, I tried it again on IE and when I select an item from the dropdown 
> list an error icon shows up in the status bar.  If I check the error's 
> details it shows:
> Error: 'this._form__EVENTTARGET' is null or not an object
> Once again, viewing the page source and comparing the select field's 
> onchange parm it looks like this might be another name/id related problem.
> Any assistance in rectifying these problems would be appreciated
> Kevin
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