[Mono-dev] Various Master Page Related Problems

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Fri Sep 14 09:06:52 EDT 2007

Mono Developers,

I've tried posting a few messages to the Mono users list about the 
problems and have received absolutely no replies.  So, I thought maybe I 
should try here.  I'm working on converting a PHP based web site to 
Mono/ASP.NET.  I've come across several quirks which all appear to related 
to Master Page related problems.

The first problem I came across was trying to set the focus to the 
username field on my login form.  Since I'm using master pages, I added:

    Page.Form.DefaultFocus = UserName.UniqueID

to the page's Page_Load function.  I'm not using a login control, just a 
plain form.  Anyway, it worked on IE but not on Firefox.  Viewing the page 
source the UserName field is being rendered as:

<input id="ctl00_MainContent_UserName" type="text"
        name="ctl00$MainContent$UserName" />

And, the function to set the field focus as:


It's passing the input field's name to the AutoFocus function.  If I 
adjust the technique I used to set the default focus to:

     Page.Form.DefaultFocus = UserName.UniqueID.Replace("$", "_");

so that it passes the input field's id instead of it's name to the 
AutoFocus function it works on both IE and Firefox.  I'm using that 
workaround for now.

I had the same problem with a CreateUser control.  Using just:

Page.Form.DefaultFocus =

worked on IE, but not on Firefox.  Adding a .Replace("$", "_") to it got 
it working on both IE and Firefox.

The next problem I ran into was with a menu control.  It worked as 
expected on IE.  I have the menu control set up so that the background 
should be white.  When I view it on Firefox the menu's background is being 
rendered as black instead of white.  Looking at the css the menu control 
is adding to the page it looks like this might be another name/id problem.

Next, I'm having a problem with some DropDownList controls.  I have the 
AutoPostBack and OnSelectedIndexChanged parameters set appropriately. 
When I tested it yesterday on IE it worked.  On Firefox, I had to hit 
enter after making a selection to get it to process the selection. 
Today, I tried it again on IE and when I select an item from the dropdown 
list an error icon shows up in the status bar.  If I check the error's 
details it shows:

Error: 'this._form__EVENTTARGET' is null or not an object

Once again, viewing the page source and comparing the select field's 
onchange parm it looks like this might be another name/id related problem.

Any assistance in rectifying these problems would be appreciated

Bruceville, TX

Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes.
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