[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop PixBuf Crash

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Sun Jul 12 11:29:11 UTC 2015


First, I've never used GTK# or GDK#, but I'll try anyway.

- If the error is a high-level exception, you could try catching it
- You could try running your app with verbose flags (--debug or --trace)
- Years ago, I filed a bug about as I noticed resx resources did not behave
the same as files marked as embedded resources. It's a long shot, but it
might be related. https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=749

Good luck.

TheWind777 wrote
> Whenever I place an Image Widget into a Container, do an EmbedResources on
> a picture, and then try putting it in the Image Widget... the minute I
> click somewhere else monodevelop just crashes completely, goes away, and
> there is no error message.
> I've tried looking at all the .log files in the /var/ folder; but I don't
> see anything that gives me an indicator.
> Anybody know if monodevelop writes a log file someplace? I'm guessing that
> there's some missing dependency of a library that's missing, or something.
> I've installed an enormous number of libraries for it, though... so can't
> imagine what is missing.
> It's annoying... because I've almost got it properly setting up the
> interface by using the Image Widget and making the icons be 32x32 png.
> I thought maybe there was something wrong with that particular version of
> my program; so I started all over again and methodically placed the 8
> VBoxes, then in each VBox row I placed the proper number of HBoxes for
> each row, then I installed Text View boxes and got rid of their scroll
> bars, installed the 16 image boxes for the calculator buttons. All perfect
> until I try to place an image into the PixBuf of the Image Widget. It does
> it, it shows the picture fine. If I save it at that point, it saves it
> properly as long as I don't click outside the gadget. The minute I click
> outside the gadget, monodevelop disappears.
> The next time I load the program, I can do another image, save it, click
> outside - it dies. Can't do that for all of the images everytime I want to
> add an image to the thing.
> When I compile it, however, the program runs MINUS THE IMAGE being
> displayed in the MainWindow.
> I'm using a Raspberry PI with 1GB RAM and a 32GB boot MicroSD card so I
> don't think the problem is memory or storage space.
> Any ideas how I can track down what is causing the crash?

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