[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop PixBuf Crash

TheWind777 TheWind777 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 10 22:26:15 UTC 2015

Whenever I place an Image Widget into a Container, do an EmbedResources on a
picture, and then try putting it in the Image Widget... the minute I click
somewhere else monodevelop just crashes completely, goes away, and there is
no error message.

I've tried looking at all the .log files in the /var/ folder; but I don't
see anything that gives me an indicator.

Anybody know if monodevelop writes a log file someplace? I'm guessing that
there's some missing dependency of a library that's missing, or something.

I've installed an enormous number of libraries for it, though... so can't
imagine what is missing.

It's annoying... because I've almost got it properly setting up the
interface by using the Image Widget and making the icons be 32x32 png.

I thought maybe there was something wrong with that particular version of my
program; so I started all over again and methodically placed the 8 VBoxes,
then in each VBox row I placed the proper number of HBoxes for each row,
then I installed Text View boxes and got rid of their scroll bars, installed
the 16 image boxes for the calculator buttons. All perfect until I try to
place an image into the PixBuf of the Image Widget. It does it, it shows the
picture fine. If I save it at that point, it saves it properly as long as I
don't click outside the gadget. The minute I click outside the gadget,
monodevelop disappears.

The next time I load the program, I can do another image, save it, click
outside - it dies. Can't do that for all of the images everytime I want to
add an image to the thing.

When I compile it, however, the program runs MINUS THE IMAGE being displayed
in the MainWindow.

I'm using a Raspberry PI with 1GB RAM and a 32GB boot MicroSD card so I
don't think the problem is memory or storage space.

Any ideas how I can track down what is causing the crash?

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