[MonoDevelop] How to hook into editor warnings/errors?

Federico Di Gregorio fog at dndg.it
Sun Aug 17 09:49:03 UTC 2014

On 08/08/14 07:07, Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> That sounds right. Can you pastebin the addin xml somewhere?

It didn't worked on MD 4 but works on MD 5 so I was probably doing
something wrong. I have another question though.

dartanalyzer has a batch mode that can be used to keep it running in a
different thread (analisys of complex libraries can take some seconds
and keeping it running reduce the time) but how is one supposed to
update the "errors" in an opened document?



> On 31 July 2014 11:38, Federico Di Gregorio <fog at dndg.it> wrote:
>> I am trying to make MonoDevelop a little more friendly when editing Dart
>> files. Dart SDK has a nice tool, dartanalyzer, that reports errors,
>> warnings and hints in a simple, machine-parsable format. I'd like to use
>> that output to show hints in the right editor margin, just like the
>> CSharpBinding addin does but apparently I am missing something. Here is
>> what I tried:
>> 1) Write a DartDocumentParser class that (right now) does almost nothing
>> and hook it at the /MonoDevelop/TypeSystem/Parser extension point.
>> 2) From DartDocumentParser.Parse() return a DartParsedDocument (subclass
>> of DefaultParsedDocument) that using my dartanalyzer service calls
>> Add(new Error()) to add errors to the document.
>> The problem is that Parse() is never invoken. The editor correctly
>> recognize the new MIME type and applies my basic syntax highlight
>> (hooked at /MonoDevelop/SourceEditor2/SyntaxModes) but nothing else.
>> What am I missing here?

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