[MonoDevelop] Importing old syntax highlight colour schemes?

Mike Krüger mkrueger at xamarin.com
Tue Apr 9 06:26:02 UTC 2013


> According to one of Mike's blog posts [1] then it looks like the 
> import should be working, but is there some difference with VS.net 
> themes that means the new MD has lost compatibility with its 
> predecessors?
Unfortunately yes :/  - the model changed. The old color shemes had a 
structure that allowed to inherit from each other and some colors got 
added/removed to achieve the vs.net compatibility. Some people tried to 
do a .vssetting importer before, but failed for these reasons. The only 
way was to change the model.

To make that clear I changed the format to .json. But the due to the 
color inheritance (which wasn't used in a nice way :( ) the color 
schemes frequently broke. Now with the new model I think it'll be more 
stable in the future.

(Esp. now that versioning is supported)

Sorry for breaking the color schemes :( - but I hope that the big 
http://studiostyl.es/ color scheme list makes up for it. One thing I now 
really would like to have is a better color editor for our text editor. 
But I don't think that I'll find time for that this year :( (but I can 
be wrong).


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