[MonoDevelop] Importing old syntax highlight colour schemes?

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 19:04:10 UTC 2013

I gave up and recreated the theme from scratch in the end, which was 
annoying. I also noticed the "no inheritance" behaviour, which was also 
awkward as it means you're repeating the same settings a lot.

I actually tried one of the studiostyl.es colour schemes as well (one 
that didn't either burn or strain my eyes, which is surprisingly tricky 
to find!) but it didn't seem to import correctly.

I don't know if there's room for change (and I think I might have 
mentioned this before) but I think Eclipse do the colour system quite 
well - you can enable and disable colour overrides for certain classes 
of token and if you disable it then it'll fall back to the default.

Are MD colour schemes going to be sharable and re-usable? I'd be more 
than happy to share my colour scheme once it is done, but as 
studiostyl.es is for VS.Net then I can't share it with others there.

On 09/04/13 07:26, Mike Krüger wrote:
> Hi
>> According to one of Mike's blog posts [1] then it looks like the
>> import should be working, but is there some difference with VS.net
>> themes that means the new MD has lost compatibility with its
>> predecessors?
> Unfortunately yes :/  - the model changed. The old color shemes had a
> structure that allowed to inherit from each other and some colors got
> added/removed to achieve the vs.net compatibility. Some people tried to
> do a .vssetting importer before, but failed for these reasons. The only
> way was to change the model.
> To make that clear I changed the format to .json. But the due to the
> color inheritance (which wasn't used in a nice way :( ) the color
> schemes frequently broke. Now with the new model I think it'll be more
> stable in the future.
> (Esp. now that versioning is supported)
> Sorry for breaking the color schemes :( - but I hope that the big
> http://studiostyl.es/ color scheme list makes up for it. One thing I now
> really would like to have is a better color editor for our text editor.
> But I don't think that I'll find time for that this year :( (but I can
> be wrong).
> Regards
> Mike

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