[MonoDevelop] GTK# references for MD 2.8.1 on ubuntu 11.10

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Nov 1 13:56:54 EDT 2011

On 01.11.2011 08:01, Daniel Hughes wrote:
> The MonoDevelop website says:
> Multi-platform
> Supports Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.
> It's now almost a month after release and there is still no linux support
> for any linux distro. And if MonoDevelop does intend to drop linux support
> then the website should be updated because at the moment only Mac and
> Windows are supported.
> Did I miss the announcement of MonoDevelop dropping linux support?

For a change, how about whining on your distro's list?

MonoDevelop's team didn't package for any other distro than SUSE,
because that *was* the disto of their employer.
The operative word is *was*. They are self-employed now.

So get off your arse and build it yourself.

--Robert, slightly pissed off

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