[MonoDevelop] Mobile (and other) Development Trivialization Supported for MonoDevelop

Kalle Launiala kalle.launiala at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 19:51:42 EDT 2011


We have recently started publishing material on a technology that
genuinely raises the abstraction level in software development.

This means that software development can be trivialized alongside
enormous productivity raise for any platform or language.

The tool support used to be Visual Studio only (and the practical
toolchain is still superior on that side for now - until we get to
revisit MonoDevelop's side properly), but apparently proof-of-concept
testing showed that MonoDevelop works as well.

However even with MonoDevelop's current support, once the abstractions
have been made with either tool (VS or MD), the using end-developer
experience is as trivialized as with Visual Studio.

This means that on non-Microsoft environments can enjoy the benefits
as well. Including Android and MeeGo development on Linux and iPhone
and iOS development on OSX.

Each platform and target using of course the most "native" language
and IDE to compile the MD's generated code.

The full documentation alongside the "HelloWorld" that worked on OSX
MD 2.6 beta 1 can be found at:


This also includes example video of absolute development trivialization.

Sunny spring from Finland,

Kalle Launiala, CTO of Citrus Solutions Oy

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