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Shivansh Srivastava shivansh.bits at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 09:48:51 EDT 2011

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

 I have a couple of questions related to pursuing a project under your

1. Can I send you my skill sets to you before the actual starting of the
deadline, so that you could review it beforehand & tell me specifically if I
could be of any help.

2. I have spent a lot of time in learning/gathering knowledge till now.
Hence, I feel it is time that I develop my skill sets by working on Real
World Projects.

My experience/Interests:-

1. Good programming skills in C,C++,C#,JAVA.
2.  I have also worked on websites, & have a good amount of knowledge in
JQuery, JavaScripts, CSS, XML/HTML, AJAX, Flash based websites.
3. I have worked on Windows Phone 7 mobile OS platform & developed many
apps/games for the same. Since it is not open source, I have sourced it in
my college, with a lot of positive feedbacks from the college students.
4. I have worked on a full 3-D Car racing game as part of my on-college
project. As a result I had to start right from scratch, ie, creating a car
in MAYA, rendering it using DirectX & then converting it into an fbx object
so as to use it in a Windows-based game which works on XNA 3.1 framework.

*I am very much interested in the Application Development of Axiom 3D
Engine. Kindly tell me whether I would be helpful in such a project.*
*Also, since I am behind a proxy server at my campus/college I am not able
to connect to **irc.gnome.org & cant find your channels on freenode.net.*
*Kindly tell me how to proceed with the App development of Axiom 3D Engine.*
Hoping for a favourable reply.

 With Regards,
Shivansh Srivastava | +91-955-243-5407
|shivansh.bits at gmail.com<mr.shivansh.srivastava at gmail.com>
2nd Year Undergraduate | B.E. (Hons.) - Electronics & Instrumentation
Secretary, BITSAA | Information Officer, BITSAA International (
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