[MonoDevelop] Brackets, Curly Brackets etc. not working with Monodevelop on German Keyboard

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 15:26:14 EST 2011

What OS are you using? Does the same thing happen with any other apps or 
just MonoDevelop? Does it happen in all parts of MonoDevelop or just the 
main text editor?

It might be good to report it as a bug, although there are a couple that 
it could be related to already:


On 18/01/11 17:12, Genjin wrote:
> Thank you for your fast reply. You're right it works with AltGr. It's a
> complete turnaround to what I'm used to but I'll try to adapt in order to be
> able to test MonoDevelop some more.
> Still, I'd have hoped to be able to keep using CTRL + ALT. I don't really
> see why it wouldn't work, I never encountered problems with it before and
> I've been using alot of programs over the years successfully this way.
> MonoDevelop is the only case I encountered that differs.
> Oh well, thanks anyway. Further suggestions are welcome, otherwise I try to
> deal with the new combination.

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