[MonoDevelop] Hex editor as a widget for my application?

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Sat Sep 4 10:57:35 EDT 2010

> I've taken a look at the repaintline() method but it wants a long as
> argument (i think it's the line number?) and i dunno where to get it.
> i've tried using repaint() which accepts 0 arguments but it only
> repaints the first line.
Good question the line number is offset / bytes in line (ok line numbers 
are stupid for hex editors).
There is a property for the bytes in row in the hexeditordata.
> oh and also, i've noticed that it causes the program to freeze if i try
> to load large files, becouse thay are stored in ram and rendered all at
> once,
> is there a way to "seek" the content? like loading only the visible part
> and discard the rest for freeing up memory?
Hi yes it is - there is a line somewhere like:

hexEditor.HexEditorData.Buffer = ArrayBuffer.Load (stream);

change it to :
hexEditor.HexEditorData.Buffer = FileBuffer.Load (stream);

I've not really tested the file buffer but the interface is pretty easy 
to understand. The filebuffer just uses an underlying stream.


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