[MonoDevelop] Hex editor as a widget for my application?

Rampage atomikramp at email.it
Fri Sep 3 12:39:04 EDT 2010

Mike Krüger ha scritto:
>  Hi
>> Do you have any doc about using such methods to update?
>> i'm also trying to give it a fixed size in width, so that i always 
>> have the same number of columns, but i can't get to it. without 
>> documentation it's really hard :(
> Just look at the method list: RepaintLine should do the job for you :)
> No one really looks at documentation anyway ... nowdays all people 
> just use the code completion list. I didn't think that the hex editor 
> would be re-used (I need to overwork it in that case) - my text editor 
> is much better maintained and the last 3 years nobody used it.
> The fixed size is a gtk# thing, if you're not familiar with gtk# it's 
> hard, yes - btw. I wouldn't give it a fixed size fixed size controls 
> work only good on one resolution.
> Regards
> Mike
I've taken a look at the repaintline() method but it wants a long as 
argument (i think it's the line number?) and i dunno where to get it.
i've tried using repaint() which accepts 0 arguments but it only 
repaints the first line.

for "fixed size" i probably explained myself in the wrong way, it's ok 
for the widget to fit the container, i thought there was a way to force 
it to go for a new line.
like this

00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00         ................ 
// if the widget is larger the rest of the line is blank

as it is now if the widget is larger i get more then 16 hex and this may 
lead to misunderstanding for the reader.

oh and also, i've noticed that it causes the program to freeze if i try 
to load large files, becouse thay are stored in ram and rendered all at 
is there a way to "seek" the content? like loading only the visible part 
and discard the rest for freeing up memory?

sorry if i'm driving you mad with all these questions, but i reeeally 
like this widget and i reeeeeally searched for something like that, 
since i don't have the skill yet to code it myself . :)

Thanks in advice

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