[MonoDevelop] Hex editor as a widget for my application?

Rampage atomikramp at email.it
Sat Sep 4 11:19:00 EDT 2010

Hi again :),

Mike Krüger ha scritto:
>   Hi
> Good question the line number is offset / bytes in line (ok line numbers 
> are stupid for hex editors).
> There is a property for the bytes in row in the hexeditordata.
i've found the property BytesInRow which is the one you suggested, but i 
can't understand where to find the offset.
> Hi yes it is - there is a line somewhere like:
> hexEditor.HexEditorData.Buffer = ArrayBuffer.Load (stream);
> change it to :
> hexEditor.HexEditorData.Buffer = FileBuffer.Load (stream);
> I've not really tested the file buffer but the interface is pretty easy 
> to understand. The filebuffer just uses an underlying stream.
I've given a look at that, but the FileBuffer.Load() accepts a string 
filename as argument, i have to rely on the ArrayBuffer to load a stream 
couse i don't have a phisical file on HD to render, but a byte[] array 
to render.
the ByteArray.Load() accepts a stream, so i've converted the byte array 
into a memorystream to pass to the ByteStream.load(), if the stream is 
too big it causes the program to freeze.
but this is an issue on how the program works, not of the hex editor 
widget by itself.

i have to find a smart way to deal with this issue.

> Regards
> Mike
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