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Sat Jul 3 15:01:43 EDT 2010

On 03/07/10 15:19, Mike Krüger wrote:
> Hi
>> 1) It wasn't obvious which file was which. Eclipse and the other diff
>> tools that I've used (e.g. BeeDiff) tend to identify the panels as to
>> whether they're the local file or the remote file
> I've decided putting combo boxes above the files to select the revisions
> to show - they're not implemented currently.

Will it just be combo boxes for revisions, or can the diff editor be
used to compare against other files as well? It's probably less common,
but it'd be useful if you could do a "compare with each other" on
arbitrary files and use the editor.

>> 2) What would happen when I clicked the green blob wasn't obvious.
>> Perhaps an arrow to show "copy change this way" for additions and
>> changes and a cross for "ignore deletion"?
> I'm not very good at drawing nice graphics with cairo - the blob was the
> first thing I did. I don't think that it's a good solution at all.
> I'll improve this (if anyone is interrested in implementing a good
> looking solution to that - I'll gladly take contributions).

Even something like Beesoft use would be fairly intuitive: a cross to
cancel an addition/deletion and an arrow to copy it (so undo the
deletion, backport the addition or overwrite a change) both contained in
the change block rather than on the line (screenshots at

>> ...
> This is a feature on the todo list as well - to get undo working in that
> control.
>> ...   
> The nav bar isn't connected to the diff view ... need to find out how to
> do it first. It's a bit complicated.
>> ...   
> message in a tooltip is on the todo list, but I find it useful to show
> at least a part of the commit message in the 'unused space' below the
> time/rev/username line. Some files are cluttered and then it doesn't
> look well.

I did think there'd still be a few bits on the ToDo list!

> Fonts are a general problem - we'll need a font selection pane for 2.6 -
> we've other fonts the user may want to change (message bubbles/tooltips).

I think the fonts would help, and it does obviously change depending on
how your code changed - whether it was lots of large chunks (committing
small and often) or lots of huge changes and rewrites (working elsewhere
and committing to a Master).

Eclipse has a lot of font preferences that I hardly ever touch after a
first setup. Most of it just cascades through (e.g. the console and
editor inherit from a "fixed width font" setting or similar, then they
might have a Java Editor font that inherits from the Editor font, I
think) but the extent that they go to is potentially a bit overboard!

>> And one suggestion that I hope is possible with the Code DOM:
>> 1) Eclipse has a nice "structure compare" that lets you see where the
>> changes were made from an overview (e.g.
>> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/523307/semantic-diff-utilities). Once
>> you've got the basics going then I think it'd be nice to include
>> something similar, if possible.
> Something like that should be very easy to do.
> Regards
> Mike

Good to hear it - I did think that it should be do-able if you've got
some kind of DOM :)



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