[MonoDevelop] Version Control GUI

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Sat Jul 3 10:19:04 EDT 2010

> 1) It wasn't obvious which file was which. Eclipse and the other diff
> tools that I've used (e.g. BeeDiff) tend to identify the panels as to
> whether they're the local file or the remote file
I've decided putting combo boxes above the files to select the revisions 
to show - they're not implemented currently.
> 2) What would happen when I clicked the green blob wasn't obvious.
> Perhaps an arrow to show "copy change this way" for additions and
> changes and a cross for "ignore deletion"?
I'm not very good at drawing nice graphics with cairo - the blob was the 
first thing I did. I don't think that it's a good solution at all.
I'll improve this (if anyone is interrested in implementing a good 
looking solution to that - I'll gladly take contributions).
> 3) After I'd clicked the green blob then I couldn't undo from the diff
> view, so if you use the diff view, reject some changes, accept some and
> then accidentally accept/reject one that you didn't want to then you've
> got to go back to the start.
This is a feature on the todo list as well - to get undo working in that 
> 4) The nav bar widgets remain in the diff view, but clicking around
> doesn't update them (presumably because they're tied to the text view)
The nav bar isn't connected to the diff view ... need to find out how to 
do it first. It's a bit complicated.
> 5) I don't know if you've changed the "blame" view (I never tended to
> use it since I've not got any helpers yet, so the blame is all mine ;) )
> but single line and two line changes look a bit cluttered. Would it be
> better to just have the time/revision/username and show the message in a
> tooltip on hover? Also, the font it uses for the blame isn't the same as
> the editor, which makes the spacing even worse for me because my
> standard text font is bigger than my editor font.
message in a tooltip is on the todo list, but I find it useful to show 
at least a part of the commit message in the 'unused space' below the 
time/rev/username line. Some files are cluttered and then it doesn't 
look well.

Fonts are a general problem - we'll need a font selection pane for 2.6 - 
we've other fonts the user may want to change (message bubbles/tooltips).
> And one suggestion that I hope is possible with the Code DOM:
> 1) Eclipse has a nice "structure compare" that lets you see where the
> changes were made from an overview (e.g.
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/523307/semantic-diff-utilities). Once
> you've got the basics going then I think it'd be nice to include
> something similar, if possible.
> I'm not being pessimistic - it's definitely a good start, I like the
> live updates of the highlighting and it is good to integrate it with the
> standard text editor instead of taking up another tab, but I like to be
> thorough :)
Something like that should be very easy to do.


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