[MonoDevelop] Suggestion: Auto-complete brackets with parameters filled in

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 16:02:43 EDT 2010

On 18/08/10 20:54, Mike Krüger wrote:
>   Hi
>> What do people think (especially Mike, I guess, since it is something I
>> think he'd have to implement)? Is it possible and is it something MD
>> would want to include? Hopefully I explained it well enough :)
> I would really like to improve method completion with auto 
> brackets/semicolon etc.
> But as long as I don't have the library underpinnings to analyze the 
> expression in which the user is I won't work on that.
> I need to find out if the user wants a delegate at that point instead of 
> a method call in a given context - atm it would be difficult to analyze 
> the source (but not impossible) - when I've the time to work on that 
> it'll be much easier to implement.
> Before I've the new parser layer ready I stick with the 'if you can't do 
> it right do the minimal' completion.

I did suspect that there might be some limitations at the moment (I
think code analysis and Eclipse having its own built-in compiler have
been mentioned before). With the possibility aspect I was thinking more
of how it would interact with the aggressive auto-complete. I guess the
"is it a delegate" issue is something Java doesn't have, but would be
fixable with context awareness as you'd know if the variable was of the
delegate type or of another object type that meant the delegate method
didn't match.

Personally, I find "auto-complete when I ask you, and guess parameters
while you're at it" quicker than aggressive auto-complete, but that
might just be because of MD's comparative lack of context awareness.

Maybe the "aggressive auto-complete that doesn't interfere" way would be
to pop up a list of signature options as soon as the user types the
bracket (like the signatures list it gets already)?

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