[MonoDevelop] Mouse selection and copy

Matt Calder mvcalder at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 16:31:05 EDT 2010


    Monodevelop seems to have different behavior with regard to the
middle mouse button than I am used to. It is a minor annoyance but I
was wondering if there was a setting I could set to make it behave in
the way I want.

    When I select with the mouse using the left button, and then
left-click at the site I want to paste, the selection disappears, and
so, no pasting occurs. Emacs, gnome-terminal, and Firefox all react
differently. When one selects with the mouse, and left-clicks on the
destination, then middle mouse clicks to paste, the selection is still
remembered, and the paste occurs.

    Moreover, the active point does not follow the paste in
Monodevelop. In the above mentioned programs, after the successful
paste, the cursor is at the end of the pasted text. In Monodevelop it
is at the end of the original selection.

    What I find happening in Monodevelop is that I am unintentionally
erasing the original selected text as I proceed to type expecting the
cursor to have moved.

    I don't see a preference setting for this, is there one? Is it
possible to get this behavior by other means? Thanks,


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