[MonoDevelop] Suggestion: Auto-complete brackets with parameters filled in

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Wed Aug 18 15:54:56 EDT 2010

> What do people think (especially Mike, I guess, since it is something I
> think he'd have to implement)? Is it possible and is it something MD
> would want to include? Hopefully I explained it well enough :)
I would really like to improve method completion with auto 
brackets/semicolon etc.
But as long as I don't have the library underpinnings to analyze the 
expression in which the user is I won't work on that.
I need to find out if the user wants a delegate at that point instead of 
a method call in a given context - atm it would be difficult to analyze 
the source (but not impossible) - when I've the time to work on that 
it'll be much easier to implement.
Before I've the new parser layer ready I stick with the 'if you can't do 
it right do the minimal' completion.


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