[MonoDevelop] Fatwa: bring the XCode error/warning reporting to MonoDevelop.

James P Michels III james.p.michels at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 14:18:32 EDT 2009

Having listened to this thread all day, I am now going to suffer you 
with my opinion.

Personally, there is not a really long list of must bells and whistles 
for me in an IDE. While one method of reporting errors may be more 
elegant that another, so long as I have some reliable error system, I 
can work.

Monodevelop is now in version 2, yet it continues to have a very large 
number of code defects. Even worse, components that should be rock solid 
and stable by now, develop regressions at a frustrating rate. Just 
because it builds and the unit tests pass, does not mean the code is good.

I make the same complaint / observation about monodevelop that I make 
about the mono runtime/compiler. There should be a rock solid reliable 
core by now for both code bases. Regressions from new features and ideas 
should not be so regularly impacting the core code. Trust is a very 
critical aspect when choosing a tool. If I can not trust a tool to work 
every time, I can not use a tool.

It is not OK to "suck in some areas". It is OK, to suck in developmental 
areas. It is OK to such in optional areas. It is never OK to suck in 
core areas. Never!

So put whatever error reporting system in that you want. Make it work 
100% of the time, and I will use whatever you come up with. Make some 
super sexy thing that randomly breaks and I can't use it.

This is why people use Visual Studio. It is a reliable tool with good 

I have a great amount of respect for the entire mono / monodevelop team. 
I know this is a bit of a rant, but it is born from a desire to share a 
viewpoint that I think is common and valid, not to tear anyone down or 
to denigrate the hard work you all do.

PS, I know. I know. Patches welcome.

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