[MonoDevelop] Good resource for learning how to build graphical applications inside monodevelop.

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Sun Feb 8 11:03:46 EST 2009

>  I am a final year university student who is looking to build a C# GTK
> based application and I already build the GUI using glade, now, what I
> wish to achieve is to build the application inside monodevelop and I
> have implemented the gui inside monodevelop using it's gui building
> tools, but I am really struggling to find sources which will allow me
> to learn to do this. I have done a little pygtk before so roughly know
> how gtk works but monodevelop is not quite behaving how I expect so
> anything on learning to build C'/mono applications with GTK would be
> helpful without having to build the entire gui from scratch using code
> would be fantastic.

Pickings are *VERY* slim;  I've been using Gtk# for a while and, if you
don't already know straight [C] Gtk, it can be quite frustrating.   I'd
suggest to ask specific questions as this list is one of the best
resources and responses are usually quite helpful (although you will get
the occasional go-look-at-the-C-code response).

There are some pretty good articles floating around, but they are
<http://www.codeproject.com/KB/static/customgtkcontrol.aspx> Very good!

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