[MonoDevelop] Good resource for learning how to build graphical applications inside monodevelop.

Neil Munro neilmunro at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 21:29:07 EST 2009

Hey all
          I am a final year university student who is looking to build a C#
GTK based application and I already build the GUI using glade, now, what I
wish to achieve is to build the application inside monodevelop and I have
implemented the gui inside monodevelop using it's gui building tools, but I
am really struggling to find sources which will allow me to learn to do
this. I have done a little pygtk before so roughly know how gtk works but
monodevelop is not quite behaving how I expect so anything on learning to
build C'/mono applications with GTK would be helpful without having to build
the entire gui from scratch using code would be fantastic.

Many thanks,
Neil Munro
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