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Neil Munro neilmunro at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 12:27:48 EST 2009

Alright specific questions it is then.

I have created my main application window, but before it opens another user
authentication window should open and alert the user to the fact that if
they are not root then they need to close the application and run it as
root, and I learned how to display a dialog window, but the user clicking ok
or the close button closes the dialog bur the main window does not close, I
had the function to display the window include only two lines:

UserWindow uw = new UserWindow( );
Application.Quit( );

Also I was unable to close the window in the UserWindow.BTN_OK_Clicked( )
method I could hide it, and with the desired outcome being the application
would then close I wasn't too concerned about the window hiding and not
being closed. So if someone could assist me in finding examples of this I
would be very grateful.

Neil Munro
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