[MonoDevelop] Crashes when saving project after adding menu item.

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 04:16:32 EDT 2007

On 9/29/07, Evil Jay <monodevelop-list at eternaldusk.com> wrote:
> But can I vent for a second? Getting MonoDevelop to build on Kubuntu was
> a real trial:
>     * Monodevelop won't build on Kubuntu unless you also build Mono from
>       source. Not a big problem, but I like to stay on distro packages
>       for everything possible - and failing miserably with a dozen or so
>       apps - Haha.

It's entirely possible to build MD on Ubuntu with distro packages (I
have since 2005), and since all Ubuntu packages are available on
Kubuntu, this shouldn't be a problem.

>     * The biggest problem is that there are many, many prerequisite
>       packages that aren't listed anywhere and are not caught by the
>       dependency checks of configure/autogen in the Gtk#, Gtksourceview,
>       Gecko, and MonoDevelop packages. Some of the missing packages will
>       cause the compile to fail, and even worse... some won't. This
>       turned my compilation into a six hour ordeal of figuring out what
>       was actually missing.

I'd be very surprised if the checks are missing. It's more likely you
didn't have the development components installed in a place in which
pkg-config was set up to look. If anything really is missing, could
you list it so that we can add checks?

>     * If you download only the packages listed in the "Installing from
>       Source" (http://www.monodevelop.com/Download) section, it won't
>       ever work. It left me scratching my head when it exploded with
>       errors due to missing gnomesharpglue-2. I never did figure that
>       one out exactly.

The gnomesharpglue library is built with Gnome#, but depending on
which prefix you installed it into, and whether $prefix/lib was in
your LD_LIBRARY path and /etc/ld.so.conf settings, the system library
loader may not have been able to find it. This would cause

>     * Related to the previous nitpick: The migration of some pieces from
>       gtk# to gnome-sharp threw me for a loop. When my first SVN build
>       didn't work, my web searches indicated that my missing
>       gnome-vfs-sharp was part of gtk#. Thinking something was currently
>       broken in SVN, I downloaded the 2.8.3 tarball... which some of the
>       other SVN packages consider to old to meet their pre-reqs. So, I
>       wasted a lot of time trying to make them work with the old version
>       before that caused me to realize it was actually the build of
>       gnome# at fault (which configured fine, but was silently failing
>       to install vfs because of pre-reg gnome packages).
> All in all... I'm sooo... glad that's over. Monodevelop looks great so
> far. I've played with SharpDevelop on my Windows box and am anxious to
> see how the two compare.

Good to hear you got it working!

FWIW, "sudo apt-get build-dep monodevelop" would have eased your pain a lot...

Michael Hutchinson

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