[MonoDevelop] Crashes when saving project after adding menu item.

Evil Jay monodevelop-list at eternaldusk.com
Fri Sep 28 21:45:09 EDT 2007

Martin Dederer wrote:
> Hi,
> I assume you installed monodevelop 0.14, is that right? You should try
> version 0.15 or even svn to check if the bug ist still there. The
> chances are high that it has been fixed already.

Thank you for your response. You were correct: I read through the
release notes for 0.15 and one of the resolved issues was the one I've
encountered, so I built a new version.

But can I vent for a second? Getting MonoDevelop to build on Kubuntu was
a real trial:

    * Monodevelop won't build on Kubuntu unless you also build Mono from
      source. Not a big problem, but I like to stay on distro packages
      for everything possible - and failing miserably with a dozen or so
      apps - Haha.
    * The biggest problem is that there are many, many prerequisite
      packages that aren't listed anywhere and are not caught by the
      dependency checks of configure/autogen in the Gtk#, Gtksourceview,
      Gecko, and MonoDevelop packages. Some of the missing packages will
      cause the compile to fail, and even worse... some won't. This
      turned my compilation into a six hour ordeal of figuring out what
      was actually missing.
    * If you download only the packages listed in the "Installing from
      Source" (http://www.monodevelop.com/Download) section, it won't
      ever work. It left me scratching my head when it exploded with
      errors due to missing gnomesharpglue-2. I never did figure that
      one out exactly.
    * Related to the previous nitpick: The migration of some pieces from
      gtk# to gnome-sharp threw me for a loop. When my first SVN build
      didn't work, my web searches indicated that my missing
      gnome-vfs-sharp was part of gtk#. Thinking something was currently
      broken in SVN, I downloaded the 2.8.3 tarball... which some of the
      other SVN packages consider to old to meet their pre-reqs. So, I
      wasted a lot of time trying to make them work with the old version
      before that caused me to realize it was actually the build of
      gnome# at fault (which configured fine, but was silently failing
      to install vfs because of pre-reg gnome packages).

All in all... I'm sooo... glad that's over. Monodevelop looks great so
far. I've played with SharpDevelop on my Windows box and am anxious to
see how the two compare.

Thanks again for the advice,

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