[MonoDevelop] How to add to Toolbox

George Lober georgelober at glowsoftware.ca
Thu Jul 26 00:22:44 EDT 2007

Hello Rafael,

Thank you for your response.

Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> Hi,
> On 7/24/07, George Lober <georgelober at glowsoftware.ca> wrote:
>> Rafael Teixeira wrote:
>> > You are mixing incompatible graphical technologies, NPlot and
>> > ZedGraph, are WinForms controls, and currently MonoDevelop has only a
>> > designer for GTK#.
>> I did try the version of NPlot which according to
>> http://www.mono-project.com/Libraries and
>> http://netcontrols.org/nplot/wiki/ is a GTK# version. ???
> They have both, AFAIR, so you need to use the right one.
Admittedly I did try other versions because it wasn't loading into the 
toolbox, but the gtk version is the nplot-gtk- 
<http://netcontrols.org/nplot/downloads/nplot-gtk-> which can 
be gotten here: 
http://netcontrols.org/nplot/wiki/index.php?n=Main.DownloadArea among 
other locations, and this one also does not load. I assume you are 
supposed to select the .dll file to load the widget, thou I have to say 
that it is kind of strange to me to use dlls in a Linux environment.

>>  >
>> > Google a bit to know each technology a little more. Work on a WinForms
>> > designer for MD is underway, but even when it gets ready you will need
>> > to choose between one or the other, per application/project.
>> Coming from Delphi programming, I admittedly now little about the
>> Mono/MonoDevelop environment, so pardon my ignorance. My end goal is to
>> have an application that can be compiled for Windows as well as Linux.
> OK
>> If I write the program with MonoDevelop/GTK# under Linux, what will I
>> need to do to get a windows executable?
> There's GTK# for windows (but beware of versions), so if you develop
> with the goal of having it cross-platform, you certainly, can do that
> with MonoDevelop/GTK#. You can also develop with SharpDevelop(or
> VS.NET)/WinForms in Windows, and it will work on Mono/Linux. What we
> don't have is a cross-platform IDE, and as I said MonoDevelop,
> currently doesn't have an WinForms designer.
>> Will I need to install MonoDevelop under windows?
> You can't do that. Although MonoDevelop was born as a fork of
> SharpDevelop, substituting GTK# for WinForms, it is plainly an example
> of a GTK# sharp app that isn't cross-platform because it depends on
> many other things that are Linux-specific.
>> Will I be able to compile the GTK# code under windows?
> You don't need to, because you can use the same binaries (with the
> GTK# libs correctly installed for the platform), but yes you can also
> recompile on any platform, where you have corresponding versions of
> Mono ou .NET.
>> Any pointers on writing cross-platform code with Mono/MonoDevelop would
>> be welcome.
> The first page of googling "mono cross-platform" presents some
> articles and even a book, on the subject. Google "mono cross-platform
> gtk#" for some more specific material.
> Also our wiki is the main reference on all things Mono, including GTK#:
> http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page
> http://www.mono-project.com/GtkSharp
> http://www.mono-project.com/Guidelines:Application_Portability

Yes, I have looked at these pages, but these don't answer all my 
questions. I guess a certain level of knowledge is assumed. For example
, I know that C#(a C++ copy as I see it) is a Microsoft created language 
and is used in .net, and also that C# is mentioned in mono 
documentation. Then there is GTK# which is a wrapper for GTK+, which 
uses C/C++. The thing is I don't actually see it saying anywhere what 
language GTK# uses. I deduce it must be C#. Is this correct?


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