[MonoDevelop] Can't get basic code to work

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 09:20:25 EDT 2007

If that code will take a long time to be executed you can start it in
a thread, and after the tread ends, update the controls (you can't
update from another thread).

If the time it needs is small, you can just do it in the constructor,
even before the window is shown, or first forcing it to show and then
running the piece of code. It is important to know that if the code
depends on the existence of the controls, it should be called after
the code Stetic generates is called.


On 7/26/07, George Lober <georgelober at glowsoftware.ca> wrote:
> Marcos Marín wrote:
> >
> >     One signal/event which I'm trying to find is the equivalent of the
> >     delphi form onCreate event (when a window is created). Would this
> >     be the
> >     "Realized" signal ? I would need this to put one-time run start-up
> >     code
> >     into.
> >
> >
> > Why not use the class' constructor?
> >
> Would you mean inside of the "public partial class MainWindow:
> Gtk.Window" block in MainWindow.cs ?
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