[MonoDevelop] Key Bindings patch

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Jul 16 13:14:18 EDT 2007

> >       * DispatchCommandFromAccel is probably not needed anymore.
> Nod, altho it may be needed for commands which require a data item? From
> what I could tell, we don't seem to have any of those type commands with
> assigned key bindings currently, they all seem to simply have the 1-#
> shortcuts once their sub-menu is opened... but I'm not 100% positive on
> that ;)

Actually, we do have an array command which assign different key
bindings to items of the array: the command for selecting the active
document (shown in the Window menu). It allows switching between
documents using alt+#. However, it doesn't really work, because the
shortcuts are only updated when the Window submenu is shown.

In general, dynamically changing the accel key in command update handler
methods doesn't work, because there is no way to detect that the state
of a command has changed. To fix this problem one solution could be to
periodically check the status of the command, like we do for commands
toolbars (we could add a flag to Command to specify that it needs
periodic check). Another solution might be to allow statically assigning
a CommandInfoSet to Commands of type array, and update the key bindings
when this is done.


> Jeff
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