[MonoDevelop] Odd problem with a textbox

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 17:08:46 EST 2007

Well "Controls" just smells like WinForms and not GTK# that is the GUI
toolkit normally discussed here as we use it to develop MonoDevelop
and we have a GUI designer for it in MD.

In WinForms-land normally you have to set position and size properties
by itself for the control or you may be creating it outside the
visible surface of the form. In GTK# normally containers resize child
controls or themselves making some things easier.

In WinForms 1.x there's some support for "docking" that may automate
things for some cases, but you need to explicitly set the dock
properties. WinForms 2.0 has greater support for auto-layout
containers, but currently it is only partially implemented in Mono.

Hope it helps,


On 1/17/07, Kenneth D. Weinert <kenw at quarter-flash.com> wrote:
> Rob Wilkens wrote:
> > Is "Controls" the name of your dialog box ?
> No, but the dialog is a Form:
> public class RSSDialog : Form {
> ...
> > In general, I *think* you do MyWindow.Add(ControlName);  where
> > MyWindow is the name of your window and ControlName is the name of the
> > control you're adding, but I could be wrong.
> >
> And that could be one issue with learning from a book - perhaps that's
> an accepted way of doing it now that didn't exist then.
> > Also, you might have to set rssUrl.Visible=true, not sure about that.
> >
> That didn't matter, nothing showed on the form for the textbox.
> The label and both buttons show up fine and the buttons function, I just
> don't see a textbox.
> Thanks for your thoughts.
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