[MonoDevelop] Odd problem with a textbox

Kenneth D. Weinert kenw at quarter-flash.com
Wed Jan 17 14:38:08 EST 2007

Rob Wilkens wrote:
> Is "Controls" the name of your dialog box ? 
No, but the dialog is a Form:

public class RSSDialog : Form {

> In general, I *think* you do MyWindow.Add(ControlName);  where 
> MyWindow is the name of your window and ControlName is the name of the 
> control you're adding, but I could be wrong.
And that could be one issue with learning from a book - perhaps that's 
an accepted way of doing it now that didn't exist then.
> Also, you might have to set rssUrl.Visible=true, not sure about that.
That didn't matter, nothing showed on the form for the textbox.

The label and both buttons show up fine and the buttons function, I just 
don't see a textbox.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Ken Weinert
Quarterflash Design Group

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