[MonoDevelop] Planning MonoDevelop 1.0

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Nov 26 17:14:50 EST 2006


>       * Documentation browser: The Monodoc integration more or less
>         works, but there are some known crashes. However I still believe
>         that showing Monodoc in an external window would be more
>         practical that the current integrated view. The integrated
>         documentation tree is not really useful, we don't have search or
>         an index integrated.

I find that the tooltips with documentation are liked by everyone, it
would be a shame to miss that.

But moving the rest of Monodevelop is a good idea.

>               * Configurable key bindings. That's not specific to the
>                 editor, but people mostly complain about it. I'm not
>                 sure we can implement this for 1.0. 

I vote for not wasting time on this one for 1.0;   Specially if there
are considerations about upgrading the editor.

Configurable keybindings, done right is a whole universe on its own
(usability, hooks, code, hacks, workarounds, testing)

>               * Support for some missing controls, such as Gtk.Fixed and
>                 context menus. It would be nice to have a TreeView
>                 designer, but it may be too much work for 1.0. 

Agreed;  GtkFixed will answer a lot of questions and take away some of
the confusion that people experience.

I agree that the TreeView designer is probably too much work to do, it
sounds like a great 1.2 feature.

>       * MonoQuery database management: I have no idea of what is the
>         status of this add-in. I have never really used it. Can somebody
>         give input about it? Do we want to support it for 1.0?

If this is the same as the database management one, the idea is great,
but the code is very flaky.   When I tried using it a few times, it
consistently crashed MonoDevelop, I did not report bugs, considering
that the code seemed to be abandoned.

>       * NUnit: It can be considered feature complete for 1.0. The only
>         missing issue to resolve is what to do with the NUnit
>         dependency. Right now the add-in can't be built with recent
>         NUnit versions since they have breaking changes. I talked about
>         this with Charlie Poole in the Mono summit and he suggested to
>         embed the most recent NUnit dlls into the add-in, since even if
>         the API has some breaking changes, new NUnit versions can still
>         run tests written for all the previous versions.

I agree.

>       * Version Control: I recently integrated some of the changes done
>         for the Google SoC project and improved it a lot. Support for
>         SVN is mostly functional. What's missing is support for CVS. It
>         would be nice to have for MD 1.0.

Yeah, but I would not delay 1.0 waiting for CVS support.  

>       * Welcome page: It looks ok to me.

I would add an iframe that renders the latest news from the Mono and
MonoDevelop projects.  Maybe it should render a special RSS feed
specific for MonoDevelop, so we can push content there that matters to
MonoDevelop users (articles, releases, etc).

>       * Web references: I'd like to integrate the web references add-in
>         implemented by Gideon de Swardt. The only problem I see is that
>         it only supports .NET 2.0 projects. It would be nice to make it
>         work for 1.1 as well.


>       * Xml editor: It's being maintained outside of MD, so nothing to
>         add. Just to make sure it works when we release 1.0.

Where do we get this?   Never seen it.

>       * VB.NET: I don't think there is support for generics. We may want
>         to migrate to the new VB compiler.

It might be too early, considering your timeline.


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