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Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Fri Jan 20 08:02:41 EST 2006

El jue, 19-01-2006 a las 14:33 -0500, Scott Ellington escribió:
> I think it might be helpful to clarify the use of terminology in
> MonoDevelop.  A Solution is a group of projects.  However there are
> several instances of inconsistent use of this terminology.  For example,
> the templates in the "New Solution Window" all use the term "Project".
> (i.e. "Console Project").

That's because the "New solution Window" creates both a solution and a
project. What you select in the list is the project that will be
included in the solution.

> In addition, the "Combine" term is still used in certain places.  Such
> as the "Combine Options" window.  This all might be a little confusing
> for users, so if people are okay with it, I will create a bug for
> tracking and fixing issues of incorrect terminology.

Yes, Combine should be renamed to Solution everywhere in the GUI.

> I will go ahead and fix the Welcome Page which is a glaring offender.
> Scott
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