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Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 18:41:55 EDT 2006

Hi Bruce,

On 4/17/06, Bruce Tolley <betolley at unicoischools.com> wrote:
> I come from a VB background.  Is it possible to create a GUI in Monodevelop
> with the vb code?

Using gtk# may be easier than with WinForms, but the embedded (Stetic)
GTK# designer doesn't work with vb code only C#, AFAIK.

> Is there a howto to work with VB in monodevelop?

You can follow the C# samples, but support for VB in MD is old and
unmaintained. I hope to correct that in the coming months, but today
it is surely no joy.

> When I create a VB project It has not gui to work with.  The default form loads if
> I compile, I just can't see the form.

The default project template, just creates the code (not integrated
with Stetic). It need to be upgraded to be similar to the new C# GTK#
templates, but it depends on work in the code generation part of

>If I add a Window to the project it asks be to bind to a class.  Wen
I choose the class it says invalid file name.

Well again is the broken integration, the designer wants a C# source
file and C# project.

>Also does import work from Visual Studio 2003?

No, it only works for C# projects.

>It creates a mds file but there is nothing in the solution(no project
or anything).

Because your projects are vb (.vbproj) and the importer just looks for
C# (.vcproj)

>Again all of this is with VB not C#.

I was sure that was the case.

>Will monodevelop create System.Windows.Forms?

There are people working on it, but I think some hard work will be
needed not to just create WinForms, but also have a designer for them.

>I would like to compile something in Linux and have it work in windows and
> linux with the least amount of changes.

You can do that with GTK#, as long as you embedl GTK+/GTK# on your
installer for your windows users.

>  Oh yes:
>  MonoDevelop 10
>  Fedora 5
>  2.6.16 Kernel
>  Mono 1.1.14       Would 1.1.13 be better?
>  Thanks,
>  Bruce Tolley

Besides all the trouble with VB support in MD, we also have the other
side of the coin, mbas (our VB.NET compiler) is really not ready. It
can compile a lot of VB.NET 7.0 (.NET 1.x) code, but still breaks on
some simple things.

I'm planning to restart the effort, maybe targetting VB.NET 8.0 this
time by using gmcs as the basis, but that will surely take some months
to bring fruit.

Thanks for the chance to give a status report (sadly not a good one).


Rafael "Monoman" Teixeira
As I'm currently working a lot with Java and even fixing Java VMs
(JamVM/Kaffe) and GNU Classpath code, I think I may partly borrow the
title (Javaman) from my friend Bruno Souza and become the
MonoNJavaMan. Yeah, I may currently be crazier than usual...

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