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Buddy Lindsey percent20 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 18:01:44 EDT 2006

I am not to sure of the state of VB honestly it is still under development.

I am currently working on trying to get Windows.Forms support to be able to
write windows forms apps inside of monodevelop it shouldn't be to hard I
just have a learning curve.

You should be able to run .NET assemblies with mono without a recompile and
vice versa.  To windows forms on linux you need to do something like (with
C#) mcs sourceFile.cs -r:System.Windows.Forms that will let you compile
windows forms.  That should give you a place to start with VB. Sorry I
couldn't be more help.

Buddy Lindsey

Buddy Lindsey

On 4/17/06, Bruce Tolley <betolley at unicoischools.com> wrote:
> I come from a VB background.  Is it possible to create a GUI in
> Monodevelop with the vb code?  Is there a howto to work with VB in
> monodevelop?  When I create a VB project It has not gui to work with.  The
> default form loads if I compile, I just can't see the form.  If I add a
> Window to the project it asks be to bind to a class.  Wen I choose the class
> it says invalid file name.  Also does import work from Visual Studio 2003?
> It creates a mds file but there is nothing in the solution(no project or
> anything).  Again all of this is with VB not C#.  Will monodevelop create
> System.Windows.Forms?  I would like to compile something in Linux and have
> it work in windows and linux with the least amount of changes.
> Oh yes:
> MonoDevelop 10
> Fedora 5
> 2.6.16 Kernel
> Mono 1.1.14       Would 1.1.13 be better?
> Thanks,
> Bruce Tolley
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