[MonoDevelop] no syntax high lighting/compile from source fails too

Wolfgang Polzleitner wp at sensotech.at
Fri Apr 7 09:10:47 EDT 2006


To: whoever is interested.

I found partial answers to these problems:

1.) I uninstalled monodevelop 0.10.0, and went back to the version that is 
installabe through kynaptic. It's monodevelop 0.9.6. This version will crash on 
initial load, but after an update of the "boo" package from 0.5-something to 
boo-, it starts and I can get syntax highlighting! It seems dependencies 
are not resolved correctly by kynaptic/monodevelop or whoever.

Nor are they o.k. with the installer version: 
Just to be sure, I reinstalled the 0.10.0 to test the situation with the boo-0.7...
no on my system.

But Syntax highlighting still seems to be broken in 0.10.0.

2.) The compilation from source did not work because of a bug-or-whatever
in midnight-commander who did some weird things with the monodevelop...tar.gz archive.
After extracting through tar, "make" ran trough up to a point where unresolved dependencies abounded.

I gave up. The instructions on "Installing from Source" on the monodevelop homepage did not work out for me.

I hope this is useful to someone.


Wolfgang Polzleitner wrote:
> Hello Mono Experts!
> 1.) monodevelop from installer
> I installed monodevelop 0.10.0 using the Linux installer.
> I can open a .cs file, compile, run. But syntax highlighting does not 
> work. The sourcecode appears in black and white. When I go to 
> Preferences -> Text editor => syntax highlighting, the "Elements" field 
> is completely empty (is this what it's supposed to be?). I verified the 
> existance of ./share/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs/csharp.lang. It's 
> o.k.
> When I click on any of the buttons (e.g., "Bold", "Italic", the 
> application freezes). I can only completely terminate it and restart.
> My system is a Suse 10.0. I suspect a conflict between monodevelop 
> installation and some other (original) gtk stuff on the system. But what?
> 2.) I tried to compiled monodevelop from source. I can get throug 
> comiling, making, installing of Gtk# 2.4.0, gtksourceview#-2.0, monodec 
> 1.0, geko#-2.0, but not through monodevelop 0.10.
> When I make monodevelop, make stops with the following:
> ...
> Making all in ICSharpCode.SharpRefactory
> make[3]: Entering directory 
> `/home/wp/Install/10.0/monodevelop/monodevelop/monodevelop-0.10/Core/src/ICSharpCode.SharpRefactory' 
> make[3]: *** No rule to make target 
> `src/Parser/AST/Expressions/BaseReferenceExpression.cs', needed by 
> `../../../build/AddIns/ICSharpCode.SharpRefactory.dll'.  Stop.
> make[3]: Leaving directory 
> `/home/wp/Install/10.0/monodevelop/monodevelop/monodevelop-0.10/Core/src/ICSharpCode.SharpRefactory' 
> ...
> So the compiling from source is no solution as well.
> Does anyone have an idea where to start?
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang
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