[MonoDevelop] no syntax high lighting/compile from source fails too

Wolfgang Polzleitner wp at sensotech.at
Thu Apr 6 14:09:52 EDT 2006

Hello Mono Experts!

1.) monodevelop from installer

I installed monodevelop 0.10.0 using the Linux installer.

I can open a .cs file, compile, run. But syntax highlighting does not work. The sourcecode appears in black and white. When I go to Preferences -> Text editor => syntax highlighting, the "Elements" field is completely empty (is this what it's supposed to be?). I verified the existance of ./share/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs/csharp.lang. It's o.k. 

When I click on any of the buttons (e.g., "Bold", "Italic", the application freezes). I can only completely terminate it and restart.

My system is a Suse 10.0. I suspect a conflict between monodevelop installation and some other (original) gtk stuff on the system. But what?

2.) I tried to compiled monodevelop from source. I can get throug comiling, making, installing of Gtk# 2.4.0, gtksourceview#-2.0, monodec 1.0, geko#-2.0, but not through monodevelop 0.10.
When I make monodevelop, make stops with the following:

Making all in ICSharpCode.SharpRefactory
make[3]: Entering directory `/home/wp/Install/10.0/monodevelop/monodevelop/monodevelop-0.10/Core/src/ICSharpCode.SharpRefactory'
make[3]: *** No rule to make target `src/Parser/AST/Expressions/BaseReferenceExpression.cs', needed by `../../../build/AddIns/ICSharpCode.SharpRefactory.dll'.  Stop.
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/wp/Install/10.0/monodevelop/monodevelop/monodevelop-0.10/Core/src/ICSharpCode.SharpRefactory'

So the compiling from source is no solution as well.

Does anyone have an idea where to start?



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