[MonoDevelop] ideas

Phil Crosby reformist@philisoft.com
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 21:44:52 -0500

I wholly agree with both your assertions; there will be a lot of wheel
reinvention to maintain dual platforms. Also keep in mind that two
officially supported platforms will require a lot of extra testing, and
if there isn't much demand for this on windows, the testing-group on
that platform may not be sufficiently large to ensure a stable release
(as is the case for Abiword and their 2.0 release).

As a help system, at MS we used .chm files and NDoc for internal docs,
which was great, but NDoc was not integrated into the Visual Studio UI.
Not that it really needed to be, but such UI integration could be a real
bonus (if we were to use Monodoc, that is).

-Phil Crosby