[MonoDevelop] ideas

John Luke jluke@users.sourceforge.net
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 21:54:26 -0500

> 1) I know that originally I has said we would be maintaining Windows
> compatability at all times, but having since thought about this, is
> there really a point? Windows already has VS.NET and the original #D,
> why would this be something that people feel is useful?
> Would it be better in the long term to use Gnome and all sorts of linux
> things to enhance MonoDevelop?
I have mixed feelings on this as well. It would be nice to demonstrate
that Gtk# works fine on Windows, but I think it would slow us down a bit
reimplementing some Gnome and Linux specific features in a cross-
platform way.  I think in the long-term the largest part of our
community will be on Linux/UNIX and thus we should cater to that (and
take advantage of Gnome).

Also, I believe some of the libgnomeui stuff is moving to Gtk+ in the
future, and much of it runs in cygwin already.

> 2) What should we use for a help format. Obviously .chm will not work on
> linux easily :) Would tying into monodoc be the best thing to do using
> it's xhtml provider? or would it be better to use devhelp or something
> else?
I, of course, want to reuse monodoc. I think there is now a chmlib that
someone can write a provider for if needed.