[MonoDevelop] ideas

Marco Canini marco.canini@fastwebnet.it
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 01:59:14 +0100

On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 01:43, Todd Berman wrote:
> Ok, now that you guys have had access to the sources a bit, im going to
> start posting here general development stuff to see if we can get a bit
> of a discussion going.
> 1) I know that originally I has said we would be maintaining Windows
> compatability at all times, but having since thought about this, is
> there really a point? Windows already has VS.NET and the original #D,
> why would this be something that people feel is useful?
> Would it be better in the long term to use Gnome and all sorts of linux
> things to enhance MonoDevelop?
IMHO yes, MD should focus on gnome libraries and on unix/linux

> For example, printing should really use gnome-print on linux, it is
> already wrapped and working under C#, why reinvent that wheel, or any
> number of wheels we will have to end up reinventing to stay working on
> windows?
> 2) What should we use for a help format. Obviously .chm will not work on
> linux easily :) Would tying into monodoc be the best thing to do using
> it's xhtml provider? or would it be better to use devhelp or something
> else?
I think monodoc is the perfect solution since it's already working and
there's already a good base of documentation in its format.
And IMO you should integrate the monodoc UI in MD, not rewrite the help

my 2 cents
Marco Canini <marco.canini@fastwebnet.it>