[MonoDevelop] ideas

Todd Berman tberman@gentoo.org
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 19:43:47 -0500

Ok, now that you guys have had access to the sources a bit, im going to
start posting here general development stuff to see if we can get a bit
of a discussion going.

1) I know that originally I has said we would be maintaining Windows
compatability at all times, but having since thought about this, is
there really a point? Windows already has VS.NET and the original #D,
why would this be something that people feel is useful?

Would it be better in the long term to use Gnome and all sorts of linux
things to enhance MonoDevelop?

For example, printing should really use gnome-print on linux, it is
already wrapped and working under C#, why reinvent that wheel, or any
number of wheels we will have to end up reinventing to stay working on

2) What should we use for a help format. Obviously .chm will not work on
linux easily :) Would tying into monodoc be the best thing to do using
it's xhtml provider? or would it be better to use devhelp or something

These are just a couple thoughts I had on the wonderful ttc ride home
from work, I'm sure you all have plenty as well, so lets figure this
type of stuff out.

Keep in mind, we are accepting patches for MonoDevelop, so if you
download the sources and want to contribute, just send a svn diff to
this list, or potentially file a bug if its a bugfix.

Happy Hacking