[MonoDevelop] Package content

Stephen Roller mono@omghack.com
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 09:06:24 -0400 (EDT)

consider the Fedora RPMs

All the RPMs you want/need zipped up.
$ mkdir work
$ unzip mono-all.zip -d work/
$ cd work/
$ rpm -i *.rpm

All the slackware packages are listed in the same site as well.  The
gentoo ebuilds have dependencies anyway, so emerging mono and monodevelop
take care of everything.

I haven't bothered looked at Suse, but I just wanted to point out it was
easy already.


> OK, good enough for me.
> However, perhaps it would be a good idea to also propose a 1-for-all
> package.
> It may ease the install process a little bit for Linux newbies and for
> people who just want mono to work out of the box.
> Regards,
> Vincent
> Le 08/05/2004 09:56 AM, Simon Males a écrit :
>>> I have a (probably dumb) question: why are there about 40 RPM's to
>>> install for Red Hat in order to have a complete Mono installation,
>>> when the is only one setup file for Windows ?
>>> Shouldn't it be better to have only 1 package for Linux as for Windows
>>> ?
>> Because Linux (unix) design philosophy is to have one bit software for
>> one task. Not one huge sticky taped package to do everything. Unix is
>> classic developers platform, all depencies are like this.
>> Just one of the differences for developing for Unix.
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