[MonoDevelop] Visual Studio style code completion

Stephen Roller mono@omghack.com
Wed, 4 Aug 2004 12:54:55 -0400 (EDT)

     I've just recently started learning C# on both .Net and Mono.  I've
been using VS.net 2002 for .Net and Monodevelop for Mono.  I'm
finding that the Mono project is very exciting and I'm looking
forward to seeing all the developments.
     While using Monodevelop, I noticed it has one very different behavior
from VS.net.  When using code completion in visual studio, any
non-letter/numeric/underscore character except escape will cause an
auto-completion and that character written.  Tab and enter simply
cause auto-completion.  Monodevelop only autocompletes when you press
enter.  I personally prefer the Visual Studio way over the
Monodevelop/Sharpdevelop way.
     The solution I propose is to have an option for a developer to choose
between Sharpdevelop and Visual Studio style autocompletion.  The
default would be Sharpdevelop style, but any developer migrating from
a Windows platform could use the second option.
     I know this is not considered a 'major bug' or anything like that,
but it is one of those little things that makes a program better.
I've already started looking at source code to see where I would make
the changes necessary.
     Is anyone interested in this behavior?  Should I go ahead an finish
my patches or wait for someone else to code it?

--Stephen Roller