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Hi CHughes,

You should probably just develop in VS2002 (VS2005 targets WinForms
2.0 which we haven't started to port).

Use the wizards to create a WinForms project, draw your form with the
designer, attach handlers to the events (if you double-click a button
on your form VS will add a blank handler for the click event, and jump
in the source editor just there so that yu can write meaningful logic
for it), compile it, run it in windows to be sure it looks and behaves
like you want, and when everything is OK just copy the resultant .exe
file to your Linux box that has Mono installed and run with 'mono
nameofprogram.exe', and it should behave almost identically (just
beware of some semantic pitfalls bound to the OS, or errors caused by
using some of the blocks we decided not to implement, or trying to use
third part controls that aren't portable or COM components).

Good resources are:


A bit outdated articles here:

any bugs you may find please search and if not duplicated report in
our bugzilla.


Have fun,

On 10/19/06, chughes at iol.ie <chughes at iol.ie> wrote:
> Hi:
> I have tried to ask this type of question before but have no luck with any
> answers. If I should be looking elsewhere then please give me a pointer.
> Area of question:
> Because I cannot find any good Mono Windows Forms documentation (c#) -- is
> there an example / tutorial that will guide a newcomer from say desiging a
> form in VS Express 2005 - converting the VS project for Mono - compiling
> and running on Windows and then running on Linux (in my case SUSE10.1).
> If VS 2005 is not a runner then could I use VS 2002 Standard Edition to do
> same thing? (I do not have VS2003).
> Thanks for any help u can give with this as I am really keen to start using
> these elements.
> Cj
> http://www.iol.ie
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