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oops, forgot to stick this on the list

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I've always done it by hand in Mono, as as far as I recall Visual Studios
form designer serializes (or something similar) the forms. I'm not sure how
well mono(develop) copes with this, probably fine however.

It _should_ simply be a case of copying all the .cs files into a blank
project in mono develop (with VS2K3 I think MonoDevelop can import the
project in it's entirety without that necessity, VS2K5 afaik is a bit of a

I've not really tried with any of the above so it could be way off in terms
of accuracy, my best advice would be do the WinForms code by hand, I've got
a good book on WinForms which I can heartely recommend; Windows Forms
Programming in C# by Chris Sells (ISBN:0-321-11620-8)

Hope some of this post was useful, and good luck!

On 19/10/06, chughes at iol.ie < chughes at iol.ie> wrote:
> Hi:
> I have tried to ask this type of question before but have no luck with any
> answers. If I should be looking elsewhere then please give me a pointer.
> Area of question:
> Because I cannot find any good Mono Windows Forms documentation (c#) -- is
> there an example / tutorial that will guide a newcomer from say desiging a
> form in VS Express 2005 - converting the VS project for Mono - compiling
> and running on Windows and then running on Linux (in my case SUSE10.1).
> If VS 2005 is not a runner then could I use VS 2002 Standard Edition to do
> same thing? (I do not have VS2003).
> Thanks for any help u can give with this as I am really keen to start
> using
> these elements.
> Cj
> http://www.iol.ie
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