[Mono-winforms-list] (no subject)

chughes at iol.ie chughes at iol.ie
Thu Oct 19 12:12:05 EDT 2006


I have tried to ask this type of question before but have no luck with any
answers. If I should be looking elsewhere then please give me a pointer.

Area of question:

Because I cannot find any good Mono Windows Forms documentation (c#) -- is
there an example / tutorial that will guide a newcomer from say desiging a
form in VS Express 2005 - converting the VS project for Mono - compiling
and running on Windows and then running on Linux (in my case SUSE10.1).

If VS 2005 is not a runner then could I use VS 2002 Standard Edition to do
same thing? (I do not have VS2003).

Thanks for any help u can give with this as I am really keen to start using
these elements.



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