[mono-vb] mono-vb and project files

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Wed Apr 8 11:09:55 EDT 2009


> Either I have the file format wrong for my tester.prj file or .prj
> files
> aren't yet implemented.  To make a real test I put the file together
> with
> the syntax below:
> about.vb
> inkey.vb
> The InkeyMethod contained in inkey.vb was used several times inside of
> about.vb.  Not valid identifier were the two errors I got when trying
> to do vbnc tester.prj.

You have to do:

vbnc about.vb inkey.vb

vbnc -help will give you a list of all the compiler arguments.


  Two other ways to do these includes were also
> identified.  Putting a link in for the file to be included and putting
> all
> the pieces in a project folder then compiling against that project
> folder
> would compile all that was found within the project folder.
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