[mono-vb] about facility test case

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Wed Apr 8 04:54:35 EDT 2009

I have a section of the iching program that wrote documentation 
information to the screen and when it worked properly paused at the end of 
each screen so the user could hit a key to continue.  That other function 
was done with inkey.vb which prompted the user and waited for a key press 
then checked the length of input variable to detect keystroke then cleared 
the screen and went on.  I tried vbnc about.vb inkey.vb and InkeyMethod( ) 
was in about.vb in several places.  The compilation succeeded but the 
screens displayed nonstop.  If that was going to happen, InkeyMethod( ) 
ought to have thrown an error every place it was found provided Sub Inkey( 
) and an accompanying End Sub statement were not also in that same
   about.vb file.  That didn't happen.

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